Gary Moore: A Former Projectionist

Gary Moore has been handling film and helping audiences enjoy movies since he was twelve years old and resurfacing theater seats in the local cinema for a quarter a seat. Over time, he worked his way up to the projectionist’s booth, where he worked for several years until he cleared high school and college. Moore went on to become a successful business owner in his community of Big Spring, Texas. He now owns several businesses, including Premiere Cinemas, the fifteenth-largest cinema company in the United States. Premiere Cinemas hosts millions of customers a year in several locations throughout the Big Springs area. Moore’s love of the movies and the theaters that show them came from his love of film and handling the precious commodity.

Gary Moore: A Former Projectionist

When Gary Moore worked at the theater, the film itself was much more fragile than it is today. He learned how to open the film canister without damaging it, and how to change reels from film to film without interrupting the movie itself on the screen for the audience. Moore learned quickly that he had to treat the film carefully and in exactly the right way, never smudging it or worse, tearing it. Moore started this job because he wanted to be one of the first people to see new movies. Since he is a theater and film buff, the job was perfect for him and led him to his successful business career. He has built a brand and a company on his passion for the movies and the theaters they are shown in.

Gary Moore still creates the magic in his movie theaters as the CEO and owner of Premiere Cinemas.


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