Gary Moore of Premiere Cinemas: What it Takes to Start a Business

Gary Moore started a business when he was only twenty-two years old. He created Star-Com Telecommunications, and then purchased his first movie theater when he was twenty-six years old. In the 1980’s he built Cinemore, and in the 1990’s he founded Premiere Cinemas. Mr. Moore has been a business owner for many years. If you are interested in starting a business, there are a few steps that you can follow.

The first step is to create a business plan. Before you start building your company, you will need to create a map for your business. You should consider location, services, and potential clients. A good business plan can help you build a successful business in any industry.

Gary Moore of Premiere Cinemas: What it Takes to Start a Business

The next step is to choose a location for your business. If you require a storefront or office space, you can start looking for rental properties in the area of your choosing. You may consider areas that are close to residencies and shopping centers.

Once you have picked your location, you may consider looking into finance. You can provide the financing yourself or you can apply for a business loan. A third option is to seek out investors for your new business.

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Before your grand opening, you will need to obtain business licenses and permits from your local government and learn about employer responsibilities. Gary Moore has been a business owner for more than two decades. As the chief executive officer of Premiere Cinemas, he is interested in marketing and improving his company.

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